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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nora and Stuey-isms

Nora is becoming quite the little talker--she is still difficult to understand at times but her intelligibility improves all the time. Her sounds are becoming sharper.

Stuey is speaking up a storm as well.

Lately Stuey is very good at saying "hi" "bye" and "thank you". He says thank you sometimes unprompted, which just blows my mind away! Even when he says it once a week unprompted I am incredibly happy, as the other one thousand times are prompted. I don't mind prompting all the time if needed until they get the hang of it because good manners are important in the world.

Stuey also says, "Uh-oh, big truck mamma" at every big truck, tractor we see in the world. He is such a truck guy. Its not like we've groomed him to do this in ANY capacity. He has a fascination with trucks. Makes me think the truck/car fascination with little boys is more nature than nurture.

The other day we were salmon berry picking and Nora at one point asked, "Is this bushwhacking mamma?" I laughed to myself-as we stepped over a few salmon berry and blueberry bushes. our daughter knows the word bushwhacking in her vocabulary from hearing Patrick talk about it with regards to hunting trail conditions. She is our little bushwhacker in the making...:)

When we were berry picking, with virtually every berry Stuey saw, he would say, "Boo-berry, Mamma". He believes that every berry out there is a blueberry, and it should be picked and eaten. This goes for even the horribly under-ripe, practically green berries. He eats them all with a big smile. I think as far as he is concerned, if he picked it off the bush, its going to taste good. Hes the little gatherer in the making!

This age with the kids is so fun-there are funny interactions between Stuey and Nora.


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Isiik said...

I didn't know Amy was there for the dig! say cama'i to her for me!