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Monday, July 13, 2009

Camping & Skiing on Center Mountain

On Saturday I took a helicopter ride with Mike M, Bruce, Lisa and Gregg and Steve up to the top of Center Mountain to go skiing and camp for the night. Yesterday we skiied and hiked back to town. The great thing about helicopter camping is that you can bring extra food on the trip and have fresh legs for skiing. It seems like cheating a bit - but then again you do have to walk home.

The weather was spectacular with virtually no wind and a glorious fog covering the sea and lowlands down below. At one point Sunday morning even Old Womens and Pilar Mountain disappeared beneath the blanket of fog and all we could see of town was the windmills poking up through the fog. I wondered what it would have been like up on the top of one of the windmills with nothing but a sea of white down below.

Photos: Lisa enjoys the sun setting over distant Shelikof Straits. Mike looks over towards Crown Mountain soon after our arrival. The snow is still great and we got in one run that had a 1,750 foot drop in elevation. Third photo is of our camp and kitchen at sunset. We all slept under 'Megalight' tarp tents. Fourth photo is a panoramic towards Kizhuyak Bay when we were almost halfway back to town (but still on skiis!). Finally the bottom photo is of Mike and Bruce enjoying lunch and the fog show while on the way home. Patrick

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Ishmael said...

spectacular, dude!