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Friday, July 03, 2009

Homer Trip

Last weekend the kids and I ventured to Homer on the ferry to see Cathy and Mike. Everything about the ferry ride was such an advenuture to them. Taking the car on the car elevator, going up and elevator to the cabins, checking out our cabin...picking out their bunk. It took them a while to calm down for bed, but once the boat left the dock, the rocking of the boat put them instantly out. In the morning when we awoke, it was rough seas. Not terribly rough, but rough enough for Nora to get quite sea sick. She stared out the window with a little cup over her mouth..occasionally getting sick into it. Once the rough seas passed, her appetite quickly returned and we went to the cafeteria fora breakfast treat of apple jacks!! Stuey complied with BOTh doses of dramamine (Nora only agreed to the first dose) and didn't have any sea sickness at all. He did sympathy coughing into a cup--laughing and mimicking Nora's actions. I'm sure that didn't help matters for poor Nora!


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