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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sticking it out in the Rain

This week we started our Community Archaeology excavation out at Cliff Point, and, of course, it started to rain. But as you can see from this photo we've been sticking it out. In fact, things have been going pretty darn well. We have already uncovered an entire multiroom house. I have never seen a house so clearly after just removing the layer of Katmai ash - they are usually far more deeply buried. Judging by the bits of metal and ceramics we've been finding the house appears to date to the mid 19th century. It has a slate box hearth and a sideroom attached by a tunnel so it is clearly an Alutiiq house. I had been a tad bit worried that it would end up as a rancher's barn or something. Prehistoric multiroom houses were occupied by several related families, and it will be interesting to see if this one was a single or multiple family dwelling. Patrick

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