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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dog Days of Summer & Eco Challenge

We've had a gorgeous streak of weather-temps in the 60's and 70's and the air is warm. This hardly ever happens to Kodiak--Mill Bay Beach has been full of 20-30 people swimming in the water and playing on the beach every evening. (Roxy keeps escaping from the house and going to the beach to eat hot dogs and leftover food ...we have to go retrieve her frequently. And if Roxy is heading there for food the bears ought to be following soon!). The other afternoon when I got home, the kids and I went down to the beach and just stood in the water for close to half an hour. It felt great!

Recently I have been training for the Kodiak Eco-Challenge. It is on July 18th and I am VERY excited about it. I was asked to be on a team last weekend at a party. At first I thought, "No, I can't do that" but then after 2 or so minutes of convincing from a friend, I thought "Ok! I can do this!". There is chance I won't be able to do the race (a doula client is due that week), but I have a back-up person and I figure that no matter what, the training and conditioning will be good for me!!

Yesterday for training I went speed walking up Old Womans mountain then went back to work and did 1/2 hour on the spinning bike. Felt great to do the combination of exercise. As I was headed down old womans, I thought, "I wonder how getting on a bike will feel on my legs?" but it felt great.

Our team name is "Pushing up Daisies" and the group is easygoing and fun. The fact that I only have 2 weeks to train is good--because its not like i'll be stressing about the training for months and months. Details swarm through my head regarding race day preps...what will I bring, drink, eat, wear...long sleeve or short sleeve? I have the same anticipation that I have before doing the Tour of Anchorage ski races, although this time training seems more serious because I'm on a team. I'm used to doing long races but never with a team-and training takes on a new edge. I don't want to let down my team. We all have to stay together on race day. The race consists of hiking, biking, possible boating, a bit of running...and we don't know what is to come until the day of the race.

Patrick probably can't wait for race day to come and go, as every day I say, "honey, I"m so excited for the race!!". He understands my excitement for the race, with all the races he does. It gives him something to train for in the thick of winter.

Photos are from the past week....Stuey's first sparkler...Nora playing "Airplane" on my feet....Meghan and I at the Pillar Wind Mills last weekend...good times this summer....


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