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Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Dig Afognak Experience

I just got back last night from Dig Afognak - I had a great time! This year I stretched my skills a bit and helped teach the kids about subsistence. I usually just do history, geology and archaeology, so it was a complete change to show kids how to gather and prepare seaweed and limpets etc. I showed the kids how to make seaweed salad and deep fried chips, and fried and steamed nettles. Actually, to be completely honest, I showed them how to do the gathering - I only prepared the seaweed salad. Gayla P did most of the cooking and did a great job with all the various, often fairly weird, subsistence foods.

Photos: With the top photo I tried to revisit my 1996 photo of the housepit excavation - see our last post. I think the trees have grown a bit! The next photo is of Paul K from old harbor standing at the beach before breakfast. Every morning Paul and I would sit at the beach with our first cup of coffee and look for jumpers, seals and anything else that might be going on. The third photo is of the kids tide-pooling for subsistence foods. Mostly gathering seaweed, limpets, periwinkles, and chitons. The bottom 2 photos are both views across Afognak Bay towards the old Village of Afognak and Afognak Mountain. Patrick

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