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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kodiak Eco Challenge 2009-Team "Pushing Up Daisies"

The Eco Challenge is over and it was SO FUN! I never imagined it would be such a great time. The team I was on was absolutely amazing-the 3 guys were ambitious, humorous as well as concerned about team well-being. Being the only girl, they checked in frequently, asking "You ok, Z?".

The race began slightly past Kalsin Bay Inn on the trail to Summit Lake. We ran/hiked 3 miles back to Summit Lake overlook, then ran/hiked back along the river while holding innertubes and floatation devices. The plan was to have us inner tubes down the Olds River, but the water levels were too low.

We scampered along the riverbanks, crossing the river close to 20 various times. Once we got back to the road, we headed to the head of the Olds for a check point and ran the length of Kalsin beach where we got on our bikes. The ride to the American River was about 6 miles and included some major muscle cramping and having to ascend the dreaded Kalsin Bay Hill. But we did it and at the American River checkpoint Patrick was waiting with the kids-so fun to see them. They re-energized me. Up until that point the majority of the race had been drizzle or moderate rain and it was fun to see such bright-eyed bushy tailed faces.

The way the Eco-Challenge works is that at each check point you're given a different topo map location, which you have to find where the next check point is. The check points verify that we have all necessary safety gear, and that we're headed the right spot before they send us off. It was a very well organized system of volunteers along the way.

I didn't expect to have so much fun. I think I expected to be in a LOT more pain. There was such contagious excitement and energy--one couldn't help but want to run through the wilds to the next check point! We finished the course in 5 hours, 10 minutes and took 6th place out of 11th place (exactly in the middle!!).

I'm going to make my first imovie with footage I took- which I'll soon post!!



Meghan said...

Yay, Zoya! We are so proud of you!

Roxann said...

Zoya, what a great accomplishment!!! You rock! Have you already committed to Eco-challenge 2010?

Becca and Jason said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! I'm so glad to hear you ended up doing it!!