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Friday, July 17, 2009

Eco Challenge Jitters

Wow. I have the eco challenge jitters. I am packed and ready for the race tomorrow. 6 AM check-in at Nemetz Gazebo, race starts at 8 AM. We get our compass points and find our first destination. Who knows what the terrain and trail will be-its all a big mystery until tomorrow morning. 6-12 hours it takes to finish the race in our team of 4.

Our team name is "Pushing up Daisies" and our team leader is Chris Dameron. He has somehow talked me back into doing the race 3 or 4 times. Several times this past week, I have backed out and he talks me back into the race. Very convincing arguments. For instance, I was up last night until 1 AM with a mom in labor so this morning I called and told him I wouldn't be doing the race and the back up (Bree) would do it. Plus, its raining outside. Weather was less than pleasing. He once again talked me back into it.

"Zoya, you want to do this race, right?" he asked.

"yes. I'm just worried that if I"m tired and its been raining then the biking will be hard and I might fall down on the bike...." I replied."

"Don't worry. We're there as a team. If you have to walk with the bike, no problem. Last year I walked with two bikes for part of the race. Its not a big deal." He reinforced.

Hmmm.....pretty convincing arguments. And I knew that if I didn't do the race, I would be way bummed and so curious about what it was like. And my team mates have such a great sense of humor and easy going--how could I say no.

So here I am, camel back filled with water, bike in the back of the truck, snacks, powerbars--ready to go. Just excited and wondering how the heck I got convinced to do this. But so curious about tomorrows adventure!!!!!!!!!

Off to bed now....


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