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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The big Dance

Last night we celebrated Meghan and Bruces recent engagement with a party! It was a Kodiak-fare style dinner, including deer burgers, goat sausage patties, grilled halibut, king crab, buffalo burgers, a large salad comprised of greens from our garden and home-made hamburger buns. (the hamburger buns were an experiment-a first time attempt and turned out fun! They were mini "White Castle" style buns for mini hamburger patties!)

One of the highlights of the party was dancing! I compiled a dance play list and around 8:30, we pushed the furniture aside in the living room and danced away. The kids were SO into it, as was myself, Meghan, Bruce and a few other adults. Video to come on future post.... :)

Meghan and Bruce are preparing to leave Kodiak in the next few weeks for their new life in Anchorage. As Bruce put it, "they'll be close in our hearts and closer yet on Facebook..." :)


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