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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whiteouts, Snowcaves, and Slush

Yesterday during the wedding shower at our house I headed up the mountain with Lisa and Gregg. Great snow, but pretty much a total whiteout. A most happy surprise to find a ready built snowcave waiting for us on top. It was such a white out that at first all we saw was a black square hovering in the air. We investigated and found the cave. We hung out inside waiting for it to clear up - it never did so we skiied on down. Once below about 1000 feet it finally cleared up so we could see. The bottom photo is of the avalanche debris coming out of the canyon into the old gravel pit at the bottom. Lisa actually did not pose in front of it - but I needed something for scale so I took her out of the photo immediately above and pasted her into the avalanche debris photo. I know, I know I'm a total cheat. But rest assured I always fess up when I cheat. Patrick

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