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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Energized Day!

Phew! My illness has quickly passed-THANK HEAVENS-and today my energy was back in full force. Wow-did I ever have energy!! It was almost as if I was making up for the lost time from my two sick days. I buzzed around from client to task with so much energy today. At lunch I enjoyed an impromptu meal with my friend Mary at Monks Rock. I had ordered a homemade veggie burger to go (DELICIOUS-BTW) but with her there, it made so much sense to sit and catch up (as opposed to doing my beloved paperwork)--talk about birthing, kids, etc. She is bringing in a midwife from Cordova to deliver her baby this next week-very cool. The midwife from Cordova also works as a fisherwoman. Mary extended the offer for me to meet her sometime this weekend--which would be awesome. She seems to enjoy coming to Kodiak for home births.

Monks rock definitely seems like the latest and greatest happenin' lunch spot. Pizza, calzones, sandwhichs. Amazing lattes. The latte I had there was fabulous-served in a glass mug (LOVE those!!) so you could see all the wonderful foaminess of the milk. ( that I think of it, perhaps my energy has more to do with latte and less to do with my illness recovery....)

And late afternoon I picked the kids up at Sarahs, which is always fun. They run to the door saying "Mommmy, Mommy".

To finish a great day off, I started leading the next childbirth preparation series tonight. I am so blessed with a wonderful group of moms and birth partners. What a fun time it is-to share, discuss and help the couples find answers to some of the questions they may have about birth.

The top photo is of Nora and her recent stick figure drawing of our family. I believe this is her first stick figure drawing representing all of us. Its fun to see her little squiggles and lines taking shape!! :) Magna Doodles are the best.


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