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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deer, avalanches and Sashimi

The top photo is from my ski on Pyramid yesterday. I love when I look back up the mountain after a run and see only my own tracks (click on picture to enlarge view if you want to see the tracks). Unfortunetly, it may look good, but the skiing was not all that great. We've recently received a dump of super wet snow and it was very gloppy. We need it to freeze up and turn to corn snow. Also note the HUGE pile of avalanche debris in the bottom left corner of the photo. Up high on the mountain a cornice broke off and created an avalanche that almost reached the road.

The next picture shows what you do not want to see when walking the dogs to Abercrombie Park. Lately, I've had to put the dogs on their leashes before we get anywhere near the park. Deer are taking over the neighborhood. We've even had deer walking through our yard. Late the another night, I had to chase one off with snowballs. I do NOT want my dogs chasing them. It gets a little hairy when walking on the ice in the park when they see a deer and pull me off my feet. Worse yet, when they see a deer in the yard and freak out barking and jumping at the windows. Needless to say, but I do not like urban deer.

Finally, the bottom 2 photos show Mike's birthday sushi and sashimi from last night. I loved the wasabi 'leaves'. We took the kiddos over and had quite the meal. It was supposed to be a surprise but Mike sniffed it out in advance (he saw the order in Roxanne's handwriting on the wall of the Powerhouse sushi station). Zoya snuck out a little early with the kids, and I did not notice for a full 15 minutes (the kids were acting up and Zoya thought I'd like to stay). So I stayed an extra hour and then walked home. It was a beautiful evening - I wondered why we always drive places when walking is so pleasant. Patrick


The Yellow Porcupine said...

Here's a deer that's been hanging out at our end of Cliffside - maybe the same one?

Akensee4miles said...

The turns look good Patrick. Probably best to stay on low angle slopes these days. Do you have any other pics of the avalanche path?

kodiakgriff said...

Nice pics. I am expecting more slides when the rain truly arrives.
As for deer, I agree urban deer can be a bother. Out here at Hacienda Del Flatero the girls have gotten used to them.
Oddly, they will sit on the deck and watch deer quietly, but for some reason hares drive them buggers. Maybe cause they learned it's Ok to chase hares but not deer.
Anyways, enjoy the alpine.

Zoya said...

I agree when it truly warms up we will be seeing some serious rip snorters. So far it has been mostly snow above 500 feet and we really have not lost all that much snow except at sea level. The Buskin River is still not flooding - ie not much is melting yet. And yes I have been staying away from the really steep stuff. Patrick