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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Beautiful Buskin Lake

Today we snuck out for an hour ski at Buskin Lake. There wasn't an iota of breeze in the air, the snow was crisp and fast and the company was perfect. We met up with Jeremy Larson who had just arrived and skiied for a bit with him before we broke off and made our way on our skate skis. He had his dog Belle with him, who would scamper back and forth between us and Jeremy. Her bounds of excitement were so fun to watch. Made me remember how fun it is skiing with dogs.

I regret I haven't skiied more this past winter, but yet am glad I have skiied as much as I have. Since it has been so long since I've skate skiied, it was a bit painful and tiring to get back into the skate ski rhythm. It is a whole different use of muscle groups. Patrick took a few short videos of me skiing so I could practice my "gait analysis" skills and when we got back I quickly looked at them. It was too painful to watch--I was HORRIFIED by my form. Lets just say, there lots of room for improvement!



Ella Saltonstall said...

Did you guys know it is National "Banya Safety Week?" Just thought I'd pass that on!

Zoya said...

What's a Banya? I could not find it in our dictionary. Actually I did find it and it is Russian for bath? So National Bath weak? Patrick