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Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Powder

I'm in Heaven and probably everybody hates me for it, but I'm loving this freak snowstorm. Another 1/2 a foot - woo hoo. Today I went up Pyramid and went downhill skiing. I skiied up to the top and met Lisa and Gregg on my way down. Up high it was a total whiteout and I had to use my altimeter and compass just to find the way down. Sort of weird going blind and not knowing quite when you'd fall into a hole. It's even weirder when you ski by the viewfinder of your digital camera. That's what I did when I shot Gregg for this video. The quality is a bit jumpy because I shot the video at 15 rather than 30 frames per second. Also it was snowing pretty hard. ... .. Patrick


Ishmael said...

Nice! Do you have a goggle-cam or something?

I do think you stopped it about a second too early, though.... It sounded/looked like we were about to see something dramatic.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Nope - no head cam. That's why I wiped out. I was using the display on my camera to steer by and follow Gregg. Very weird way to fly. Perhaps I'll buy A head cam. ... .