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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Public Lecture

Last week I did the adventure lecture thing; this week I do the archaeology geek thing. It's a wonderful life. To whet your appetite for my lecture tomorrow night here are two of the slides from the talk. I hope to tell all about the use of sea mammals through time on Kodiak. The lecture it is at 7 PM in the Alutiiq Museum gallery. Patrick

A note from Zoya
...Please come to Patrick's talk. I am so bummed I can't go because I'm teaching my childbirth class at the same time. I tried to think of ways I could abstractly relate sea mammals to birthing, but the stretch was a far one. I was thinking that perhaps I could convince my birthing class to attend Patrick's talk, but I don't think there are enough ways to connect sea mammals to human birthing. Oh well. at least I got to see his talk last week!! :) Zoya


Akensee4miles said...

Meghan and I are very excited for the talk tonight. Will you be demonstrating hunting techniques?

Meghan said...

Great presentation, Curator Patrick. The place was packed-we had to stand in the gift shop and peek over the shelves!

I want to know more about the Alutiiq whalers-when are you publishing on that topic???