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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barb's Visit

"Barb" (alias name) is here from Maine and we're having a great time together. She planned the visit with little notice-after the death of a high school classmate. We attended the memorial service yesterday and have had a chance to hang out and catch up with eachother. She came to Kodiak without her husband ("Rick") and kids, which gives her a chance to be Auntie "E***" to Nora and Stuey.

The other night we had a dinner with our friends Meghan and Bruce and meghans parents from the midwest (Deb & Tom). They brought home made deer pepperoni, which was just fabulous--especially when paired with wonderful midwest cheese. Preston and Wendy & their daughter Maddy were also in attendance--we're going to miss them terribly when they move from Kodiak in a month or two.


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