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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kodiak's Local Ski Mountain

This morning the kids got up at 5:15 AM, and woke up Zoya and I too. So to kill time until I have to go to work I ignored the kids and made a ski map of Pyramid Mountain. I tried to put all the runs that we regularly ski and all the local names and lingo onto it. Features marked in blue are places, in red are ski runs and yellow marks the trails we use to climb the mountain. I guess you could say that yellow marks the 'lifts', red the 'runs' and blue 'locations'. Just like a real ski area trail map! I am not the greatest photoshop technician magician so not everything is exactly where it should be - but I feel it gets the job done.

I love Pyramid because it is so close to town. After I get off of work I can drive to the mountain, climb up and get a 1700 foot ski run, and be home in just 2 hours. As Zoya puts it - it's just like going to the gym - but better. Patrick

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