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Monday, April 06, 2009

Walks down the road

As of late, we go on lots of family walks. I love the simplicity of these walks. Walking right out the door, down the dirt road and to the stack of bouys which are in the yard in a neighbors house. Something about walking slowly with the kids is such a wonderful reminder of what the true pace of life should be. Slow and reflective. In today's fast paced world, its easy to lose sight of that. Our culture tends to value speed, efficiency and results. Walks with the kids are always full of questions, laughter, splashes into the puddle and almost always have a cry or two thrown in (mommy, pick me up !!). Good times on Cliffside road.


MJ came over during the weekend and we made white chocolate blondie bars--yum!!! We forgot the sugar and they still turned out well!
Photos from walks down the road.

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