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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Auntie Ella Leaves :(

What a fabulous weekend with Ella. Makes me realize how I haven't had enough time with Ella over the years--the distance between Maine and Alaska is great and I am so glad she made the trip up here for 3 days.

She is a true Auntie to the kids--helping buckle them in, helping them speak, rejoicing in their cute phrases or actions and helping me problem solve the tougher moments. Ella has such a resilence, sense of humor and sensibility to her--she is a strong, loving person. She gives the kids so much love and attention and yet has a firm, consistent edge as well. I felt like the weekend was "mom-camp" where she got me re-invigorated about parenting and taking my kids to the next level with their speech, independence and play abilities. She showed me how to do more annunciating so Nora repeats after, therefore giving her more language practice. She suggested we go to North Star park, which the kids LOVED. We have spent close to 2 hours there between yesterday and today. And she reminds me how Nora is turning into a "big" little kid--she is starting to thin out and has big kid ways of saying things now.

Oh how I miss Ella. There is nothing quite like your sister to hang out with, to discuss the nuances of life, to reflect, predict and rejoice in the highs and lows that happen in the world.

I vow that I will now make it out East without my kids so I can be a true Auntie Z to Leo, Zeke, Brooks and Davis. And to get some more 1:1 sister time in!!


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Ella Saltonstall said...

I miss you guys!!! Thanks for a fantastic visit! Love, Auntie Ella