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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buskin Goats

After a week of completely soggy conditions we finally got a couple of hard frosts. And the snow set up enough for me to go skate skiing again. I had not gone skate skiing in almost 2 weeks! In two weeks it has gone from powder on a hard crust to corn snow. I skiied way up the Buskin and got above the canyon where I found these goats. It was pretty darn cool to look down on them from so close. I also noticed a few deer on the same snow free slope. I guess all the animals are moving to the south facing slopes to get the first greens of spring.

On my way back I also noticed that the classic cross country skiing up the river and into the canyon is done for the year. The river is now free flowing and no more ice bridges (bottom photo). Sad day. Patrick


kodiakgriff said...

Great pics! I love the goat shot. How low do you think they had come down?
Peace Griff

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

That pic is at about 350 feet above sea level. Goats love canyons. I think they moved into there to take advantage of the new browse. Patrick