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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeling better about Palin

A few days have past and the shock over the Palin nomination is subsiding. Many conversations with friends reveal a wide variety of sentiments --she has little experience ad she is leaving Alaska midterm of her governorship. Also, her Pro-life view is a strong one and word is that she wants to overturn Roe Vs Wade. That is a big concern for me, as I am Pro Choice, and McCain is pro choice. How will her stance on abortion affect McCains run for presidency?
That said, it is good to know where she stands. Nothing is worse than having a candidate who is wishy-washy on where she stands. Although I don't agree with her on her stances on many issues, at least she stands up for something! That is refreshing in itself. Nothing is worse than a candidate who is changing their stance on an issue weekly.

People say, "she doesn't have the know how to deal with foreign policies, should she have to step in as president".... I believe that she would have advisors to help her if the time came and she is going to be doing a LOT of learning and reading from here on out on foreign politics. I am really looking forward to the VP debate on October 2nd.

I'm at the point where I'm just glad that another old, white male wasn't nominated. I know that probably sounds horrible to say---but its my gut feeling. I think thats why presidential election after election have been boring until now. There is hope for a change in direction of our country. It IS refreshing to see someone in a different age bracket and gender in this position. I don't necessarily think she is qualified at this time to run our country if something happened to McCain. That said, she is smart, hard working and willing to stand up for what she believes in. And that could go a long way. People say, "Could she stand up to Putin?" Who knows.

I must admit, I love hearing about Palin on the news. "...the governor from Alaska, Sarah Palin..." Alaskan politics have been fascinating the past few months and now national politics are keeping everyone on the edge of their seat!



Katie said...

I am honestly insulted that they chose her. The only reason she is on the ticket is because she is a woman, not because she has anything close to the qualifications for the job. Not that Obama has a long record, but I think he has been preparing for this for a long time and has at least dealt with politics on a national level. If a man with her qualifications were picked, there would be a HUGE uproar. It insults me that McCain would pick her, thinking that we women are so empty headed to follow the female, despite the fact that her opinions are the exact opposite of Hilary's.

Whereas Biden compliments Obama, Palin simply takes away from McCain. Yes, she is pro-life, which McCain isn't, and she wants to open ANWR which McCain doesn't, thus appealing to the more conservative crowd, otherwise she is simply a drain on him politically. She certainly takes away McCain's argument that Obama is too new to the scene!

In summary, I'm not pleased!

Mary Jane said...

Exactly what I have been saying! I couldn't have put it better. I can't believe someone at his age with his health concerns would pick someone so ill suited to replace him as president. I understand the political strategy and I think for some people it may work. It if anything pushed me in the other direction!

My LIttle Family: said...

Zoya I agree that it is refreshing to have choices other than white males after 200+ years of them but I have no problem with his or her age. I'm just glad there is diversity on both tickets. That being said, you can read my blog for my feelings on the two party system :)

The North Sister said...

Just have to put in my two cents... McCain is NOT pro-choice. See this NPR story for a discussion of this widely held misconception:

I'm still feeling pretty ill about Palin. I think she's radically unqualified, and really is just there because of cynical electoral politics. I'm glad, as an Alaskan, that Alaska will get more attention now (good or bad) but I really feel like she's an absolutely awful candidate for this position.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Wow! I love all the comments! So fun!

The news of today (Palin's daughter is pregnant) has put even more of a twist on matters.
This news makes me think..." shouldn't she be with her family at this time? Doesn't her daughter need her?"
I worry that Palin will break down from all the various pressures on her. I don't know how she can handle it all. Talk about the weight of the world on her shoulders.


Ella Saltonstall said...

Palin is strongly in support of teaching creationism in the schools. This is a big concern for me, and the fact that she is ANTI-CHOICE. This means no abortion options even in the situations of rape and/or incest. This is not ok for me. Fine, she's a woman who is out to make change, but let's not make that change at the expense of our options for our daughters and grandaughters someday. We don't want someone who is going to litter the Supreme Court with even more justices who aren't pro-choice. It needs to stay even and religion needs to stay out of the schools.