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Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank you for your kindness, Audra.

Today was a sad one in our family-it was Audra's last formal day of being a nanny/mommy helper. Audra started working for us 2 years ago-right after Nora turned one. She was home schooled-a junior in high school-and was referred to us by Robert and Steve-who put in our wood flooring. Audra was an immediate hit with our family. She was excited, flexible, fun, and so caring with Nora. She watched Nora while I went to work at the clinic-often I would drop Nora off at her house and Audra would watch her there.

The past two years are full of so many wonderful Audra moments. Often I would drop a fussy, inconsolable baby Nora off with her and worry at the clinic that perhaps Audra was having a hard time. I would pick Nora up at the end of the day and I remember vividly Audra saying, "Oh, Nora was great! We played lots on the floor. She did great!" -- this always put me at ease. If there was some way to console Nora, Audra knew how to do it.

She is mature beyond her years-very caring, empathetic, helpful and intuitive. I went to school with her older sister, Tessa--Tessa was in my high school class. Their whole family is full of wonderful, intelligent, caring people.

This morning Audra brought us flowers as a last day gift. I was somewhat speechless and said, "wait a minute-we're supposed to get you flowers." As tears rolled down my face, I said, "Audra, thank you so much for all you've done for our family. You're an amazing person." She smiled and said, "Zoya, you're a great employer. And you've got wonderful kids."

Today at work I cried (for the first time in recent history) while working with a patient--I was talking about how it was Audra's last day of work and how much Audra meant to our family. I found myself suddenly choked up and before I knew it tears were flowing down my cheeks-again! I was caught up in more emotion than I imagined. (In the 9 years I've been a physical therapist, this was one of the rare times this has ever happened-I believe!) Having someone care for your children and be SO GOOD to them is the best gift ever. Audra is so patient, understanding and hard working. She is working at Fly By Coffee and is excited about future travels. I'm so excited for her and for the journeys that lay ahead of her.

Thank you for your kindness, Audra.

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