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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thoughts of the Day


Still so much talk about Palin.

I appreciated Barack Obama's response to Bristol's pregnancy. He said to keep family out of politics--he did not criticize or question the Palin family---in fact he noted that he was born to an 18 year old mother. Makes me like the Obama campaign that much more.

I must say, I really enjoy the thoughts and ideas surrounding the political race-as it brings out so many different viewpoints which I never could've imagined. Today on the hour long Alaskan call in show, there were many people full of insight and it is fun to sit back and listen to the narrative. No clear right or wrong answers, but lots of varying perspectives.

(....That said, it does freak me out to think that America could become pro-life and creationism could be taught in the schools....which is why Obama will be getting my vote in November, barring any unforseen circumstances)

ON NORA'S SPEECH (& Nora phrase of the month...for you, Peter!) :)

As my friends and family know, Nora's speech delay has been a source of discussion and effort in our family for over a year. This summer she has really started to pick up steam with her vocabulary. Friends who haven't seen her in a few weeks remark, "wow-she is really speaking up a storm." The focus of her speech therapy now is annunciation, as she is able to say 3-4 word sentences. Now we just work on the sound quality of her words. She makes me so proud when she says phrases like, "thank you mommy" or "I want more milk please" Tonight when Casey was over, I saw her do the cutest imitation of Casey's words-Casey and I got a laugh out of it. Nora would repeat whatever Casey said or did. I also sense that her frusturation with the world is lessening somewhat, as we are finally able to understand what she needs. Her sense of humor is coming out more.

For example, the other day in the kitchen I was preparing breakfast and Stuey kept coming over and crying as he held on to my leg. There was nothing more I could do for him until breakfast was made-as I knew he was hungry. I said under my breath, "Stuey, give mommy a minute here...i"m doing the best I can do. I'm making you and Nora pancakes. When I get some on the griddle, I can pick you up."
Stuey persisted and kept crying and pulling at my leg.

Nora looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. She was sitting there watching the whole thing. She said with a smile, "Off, doggie!"
Too funny! She knows that what I say if the dogs are bothering me in the kitchen! Patrick and I got a kick out of that.

I would say her phrase of the month is "thank you mommy." If I say, "Nora, lets find your boots and jacket so we can go out the door" she responds with "Oh Thank you, mommy". So cute. I love thank you phrases.


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My LIttle Family: said...

Zoya, I had a cousin that didn't speak until he was about 6 and his first words were "whoa ford" because my aunt had a ford with bad breaks and would always say whoa ford when she came to a stop sign or light. she took him everywhere so he probably heard it hundreds of time.