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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids & Taco Bell Progress

Today I checked out a day care option for Nora to start going to in a month. Plans for her to start preschool are NOT happening, as she isn't potty trained. Fortunately, my friend Roxann gave me a lead on a great lady who watches a small group of kids in her house. Stuey, Nora and I stopped by for a visit and Stuey didn't want to leave. He jumped right in playing with the blocks. Nora was a little more tenative, but by the end I had to convince her that we had to go.

On the car ride home, I asked her if she wanted to go back and she did her sign for 'more' (fist against cheek-i know...don't ask why?). That was a good sign. I had a secure feeling for my little Nora as we were there. The kids were having such a good time playing together.

Sarah (the day care provider) said she takes the kids on outings to the refuge center in her car. I love the image of little Nora going on field trips with her new friends. My instincts told me that this is a very good fit for Nora and I. Sarah is more than happy to help with Nora's potty training and there is a big outdoor fenced in area which I imagine the kids enjoy quite a bit on nice days.

Workers are getting trained inside Taco Bell--when I drive by I see people milling around in Taco Bell hats cleaning the tables and doing tasks behind the registers. The anticipation and enthusiasm builds. Will I be one of the first 100 customers inside? Its going to be packed. I heard there is another restaurant, an Italian one, going in where Pizza Hut used to be. Rumor is that it is going to be called Angelos. 2 restaurants opening in 2 months. This is too much excitement for Kodiak!

There is a big Vaseline national campaign getting ready to film in Kodiak in the next few weeks. I was at a birthday party this evening and 10 or so of the casting people, producers, filmers were at the party. I felt transplanted to NYC--seeing their trendy fashions and chicness to them. I asked one of the gals if people could still apply to be in the filming, she said yes and told me to go to the office to go through their application process. So I'll do that tomorrow. Kind of exciting to see people from NYC excited about Kodiak, eating fresh halibut, etc...

Stuey outside.
Nora, Patrick and Gregg while processing the deer meat in our kitchen last night.


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Coastieturtle said...

Angelos is awesome, according to my husband that is....
I guess he had a place in Dutch Harbor...enjoy your new food choices.