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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kayaking with my Hubby

This afternoon Patrick and I had the true pleasure of a kayak date. We launched our kayak in the St. Paul Harbor (where it is kept and used by Orcas Unlimited during the summer). Off we went through the harbor, cruising alongside the big boats and admiring all the various sights and sounds in the harbor. We paddled around Near Island, pulled up on a small beach for lunch, enjoyed the sunshine and then continued on our way. The trip home provided opportunity for going alongside the seagull and puffin rookeries. Puffins were diving off the cliffs above, right over our head. So fun! They are such funny little birds.

As we neared town, we passed an old dock with two BIG sea lions on it. They were sleeping-we could hear them snore. They were beasts. Patrick paddled as we got a bit closer for a photo. They sort of opened their eye at us as they slept. Sea Lions around here have a semi-dangerous reputation with pulling fast ones in the harbor and scaring people afloat in small boats and kayaks. Seeing a couple of Lions out of the water gave me an appreciation for what enormous creatures they are! Wow.

What a fun time with Patrick! Outdoor adventure dates are the best.



The bottom photo is Patrick in front of the 'fogbow'. This was a new term for me. A rainbow in the fog. So cool.

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Isiik said...

You guys are SOOOOOOO cute!