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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mark's Deer

Mark got back from the archaeology dig on Woody Island on Friday - he had been working 12 days for two weeks. On Saturday he washed and dried all of the artifacts from the dig - a man on a mission. But Saturday night Mike Pfeffer and I convinced him he needed a break and took him up the mountain to find a deer.

Heading up the mountain it did not look good. Rain in the forecast and it started to lightly rain as we started our hike. But up top it stayed clear, and we woke up this morning to a nice day. Deer everywhere but all does and fawns. I think we saw 40 does and fawns. Finally we spotted a buck and Mark got him with a perfect shot - home by 2 PM.

Photos: Top - a panoramic of me carrying a load of meat and glassing for more deer. We really wanted another one for Mike Pfeffer. Second photo is of Mark and me with his deer. Third photo is of Mark packing out the meat - head and all (ADF&G has a program where they test deer for chronic wasting disease and they need deer heads to test). Fourth photo is of Mike packing meat near the bottom of the trail. Finally the last photo is of us in our inflatable canoe heading back to the car. Patrick

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