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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Deer in the Freezer

Last night Mike P and I cut up the deer we harvested on Saturday and there is now meat in the freezer. We ate the liver and tenderloin for dinner. Zoya and I finished off all of the game meat in the freezer from last year back in June, and have been eating Safeway or Cost Savers meat ever since. While it has been convenient getting prepackaged sheep, cow, chicken or whatever at the store, it is good to be back to eating Kodiak's finest Sitka Blacktail deer. It sure is tasty!

Mike and I headed up into the mountains Friday evening and spent the night camping in the fog (top photo). The next morning the fog cleared off while we were drinking coffee (bottom photo). We discovered that we were surrounded by deer! We had our choice of 4 bucks - but due to a miscommunication only harvested one of them (Mike had a nice one in his cross hairs at around 50 yards and did not pull the trigger). A few hours later as we hiked home we realized that Mike made the right decision - carrying out 2 deer would have been Hell.

Back home we hung the deer in the shed and Nora helped me clean the game bags and packs (middle photo). The dogs were very interested in our packs too; today they are gnawing on deer leg bones. Everyone is happy.

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