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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Nora Blowout Bash

Nora blew her candles out on the first try last night! Practice makes perfect! Video to come.

Her birthday couldn't have gone smoother. The kids played well together. The dinner of fresh deer roast, roasted potatoes and big garden salad filled everyones tummies up. And the cake/ice cream were enjoyed by kids and adults alike. (I enjoyed a bit too much of the cake leftovers and needed a TUMS at 10:30 pm....)

Mike and Roxann brought over ballons which are always a hit with the little ones. It was sometimes tricky trying to get them to keep the balloons inside!


Nora after blowing out her candles.
Nora and I opening her presents.
Stuey doing coffee table maneuvers for Roxann, Katie, Cecilia and Sawyer.
Stuey admiring Stella.

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