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Monday, August 04, 2008

Can't sleep

Its 11:45 PM and I can't sleep. Nice time to sit back and have a chance to write on the blog. The rest of the house sleeps away. I like how the end of summer brings more darkness-I know many people would hate me for saying that. I can't help but find myself welcoming fall and winter more and more the longer I'm married to Patrick. His enthusiasm for winter is contagious!

I had an incredible day today-busy at work. I truly love my job. On Sunday nights I'm excited at the prospect of going to work on Monday. Dorky sounding, but true. I'm working at both physical therapy clinics in town which has been fun. 6-8 hours a week at each clinic and its been fun to meet new people and work in a new space for a while. Every day is something new.

The past few weeks have been rough ones at our house. Only now am I coming out of an exhausted, semi-sleep deprived haze. Nora went through a period where she was a bit afraid of the dark and was refusing to go to sleep and then waking up in the middle of the night. Finally, I discovered this (after some probing) and a night light helped the problem.
Anyone in our lives the past few weeks can verify how difficult the screaming kids have been. The past 3 or so days have been much better-thank heavens. I had a very enjoyable weekend with the kids-went to the beach with them, lots of playing, laughing. Good times were had. Made me realize how the weeks since I returned from Seattle were a readjustment time.
Seems like kids are a lesson in constant readjustment. Once you get something semi figured out, they change and grow. Then you have something new to figure out. Go figure.

Patrick and I continue to try to maintain a sense of humor and a sense of patience through the challenging times. Amy M, who is staying with us, has witnessed our difficulties first hand and has been supportive and helpful.
Tonight she and I watched the movie "Lars and the real girl"---so good. I cried. The human spirit amazes me. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. It was just the type of movie I have been craving to see. Something different.

The night is dark. I love it. August and September are my favorite months in Kodiak. Crisp air is only a month away-the hillsides will be changing colors and snow will soon follow.



My LIttle Family: said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year too. Sorry to hear about your sleep deprevation. That's one argument for having children when you are young, LOL.

I have a question for you Zoya. My podiatrist just perscribed PT for me for my plantar and achilles tendon problem. What will they do to me when I go? I'm kinda medical shy/scared. I like to know in advance.


Coastieturtle said...

I hope you get more sleep, soon. I'm glad you enjoy winter I have to say I won't miss it (at least for a few years). Good to hear you finally get to work at both clinics.