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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rainy Days

It never seems to stop raining in Kodiak. When May began, I had visions of lots of summer days for the kids to play outside but it hasn't happened as nearly as often as I would've liked. The good news with the onset of fall is that the sun is actually setting for a few minutes, and darkness allows me to sleep better.

Today I had a fantastic outing with Nora. She and I went to Subway for lunch, then to see Patrick and the library. At Subway we sat there for at least 25 minutes-she had a little box of raisins, big container of milk and a sandwich she had a hard time gripping her hands around. She was fascinated by the comings and goings of everyone and waved enthusiastically to people as they walked by the outside of the store. I had a moment of "ahhhh..." where parenting was how I imagined. A lunch date with my daughter where she was excited and it was fun being out with her. The raisins were a big treat for her-for some reason I never have those around the house...the container that the milk was in a was a novelty to her. And she soaked in every moment of lunch hour at Subway restaurant!

Tonight Patrick and I used a gift certificate for The Chart Room restaurant that we needed to use up (thank you J&K!!!) and went for a walk before dinner on Near Island. The evening was a misty one-but perfect for a walk, nonetheless. Midweek dates are the best and luckily Megan was able to come over on very last minute notice to watch the kids for us.

Nora atop Patrick's shoulders at the museum this morning.
Me on Near Island.
Stuey and Nora playing with grass one sunny summer day---a week ago or so.


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