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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dog Days

Dog Days of summer - hot (or hot for Kodiak anyhow) evenings out on the lawn with the dogs chewing on deer bones and the kids rolling in clover. I have been putting off mowing the lawn until all the clover has gone to seed - I want more clover on my lawn.

Zoya thinks this photo of Roxy and Jake should be my 'facebook' profile photo. I actually think a really cute one of Stu would be better. But never fear - I'll never be on 'Facebook' or 'My Space'. After I checked out Zoya's page and looked in on all her friends, I decided that 'Facebook' is sort of a blog but for people with short attention spans. There really is no writing, and much of it seemed very superficial. What's with this giving a friend a 'poke' or writing a comment 'on their wall'? I think I'll stick with the blog - I love going back into the archives and watching AND READING how Zoya and I have progressed with our lives over the past 2 years. Patrick

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