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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Really Begins

Patrick's remote field season is over for this year. He was gone for nearly 7 weeks of field work and it took more out of me than I expected.

Since knowing Patrick, the longest he is gone for is 4 weeks -
four weeks is a very do-able amount of time, 7 not so much.

This summer, Patrick was gone for a 4 week chunk, home for a week (but busy...getting ready for the next survey) then gone for 9 more days. Back on the home front, I worked to keep up with my business and Nora's program and as the end of his travel neared, my patience waned. Particularly with myself and the kids.

As time went by, I missed Patrick's friendship and companionship more and more-especially in the evening for dinner time and after kids are in bed. One thing I treasure about our marriage is we have a fun time talking with each other and I missed that time terribly. Doing the household bare minimums with dishes and cleaning, Nora's program and my work took all the extra reserves out of me. At work I would have moments where I had wave of despair come over me,  I felt as though he would never return. Time was moving too slowly.

When I greeted Patrick here at the house upon his return from Chirikof, he was thin from his adventure. His face was scruffy from the field work, and his smile big and enthusiastic about being home. It felt so good to have him  at the house with us again and to know that he wouldn't be leaving any time soon. t did my "WOO-HOO" dance and said, "Now summer can really begin!!"A spring came into my step and I felt the weight of holding the fort down for the past 7 weeks come off of me.


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