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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Farewell to Friends

End of July....

Visiting biologist friends, Spencer and Nicole are wrapping down their summer field work in Kodiak. (They study intertidal zone and the food web that makes up the gulf of Alaska)

We first met them last summer and they were so fun and kind. I took an immediate liking to them.  Spencer made a great homemade salad dressing, Nicole and I went on walks and shared laughs over dinner and wine.  And both were so patient and fun with Nora and Stuey. And there was always so much  laughter when they are around.  There are some people when they come into our home, a lightness of spirit comes, and they are like that. 

This summer completes Spencer and Nicoles' field work and they return to Seattle (Spencer) and Fairbanks (Nicole). Spencers wife, Sara, came to town today to visit and we had a grown up meal out at the Powerhouse. Followed by after dinner walk on near island. No wind to speak of, high bright clouds and we saw puffins nesting on the cliffs. 

Spencer, Nicole, Patrick, myself and Sara

Near Island Beach

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