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Friday, July 19, 2013

Chirikof Mega Fauna

Sunset at the lupin camp
Next week Community Archaeology begins at the Kashevaroff site and so it is time to put Chirikof archaeology to bed.  But first a few final pictures of the Chirikof mega fauna.  The cows (all 900 or so of them), the ground squirrels, the foxes, and, of course, the humans.  Until the 20th century it was just humans, dogs and ground squirrels living on Chirikof Island.  We have found lots of dog and squirrel bones in the prehistoric middens.  In the 20th century there were goats and horses (both now gone).  Today there are just foxes, ground squirrels and cows living there.  And except for the occasional visit the humans and dogs are all gone.  Patrick

An encounter with an inquisitive Bull

Visiting mega fauna - the crew on departure

Ground squirrel a.k.a whistle pig (When I saw one I always thought of the gopher from 'Caddyshack' - "I'm all right and nobody worry 'bout me")

Arctic Fox - introduced species that has decimated the nesting birds

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