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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Little Russian

Last week Nora took part in a week-long "Russian Culture Camp" sponsored by The Kodiak Arts Council. The camp was 4 hours a day and the kids learned how to play Balilikas, Russian percussion instruments as well as do 6 different Russian dances. 

The week culminated in an evening performance last night at the Baranov Museum, the local Russian History Museum. The kids played music and danced their hearts out to 6 o7 seven choreographed Russian Dances on the lawn. The foot work and partner work was quite extensive and it was fun to watch the girls dance with such ease!

Stuey did the first two days of Russian Culture Camp, but then was bummed because it is all girls ("gills", as he pronounces it!). So he didn't finish the week out, which I completely understand. 

One of the best parts of the week is that Casey Janz led the group. She was my elementary school PE teacher and is so skilled as a folk and Russian Dance teacher. 

When I learned that Casey was teaching the class, I was thrilled. She truly is a one of a kind dance leader. My memories of her are so positive and vivid; learning the virginia wheel from her in dance class during gym. 

Thank you to Casey and the group of people who made the week possible!


Nora and the girls playing the Balilikas. 

group dancing on the lawn!

A scenic of the dancers.

Group photo

Stuey's favorite part; the cookies at the end. 

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