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Friday, July 05, 2013

Fourth of July~Departure to Chirikof and Fire Fun

The archaeology crew departed a day late for Chrikof- an island far, far off the South end of Kodiak. The island is a 2+ hour float plane ride each way and is very remote. Patrick remembers the last time he was there, he didn't hear any planes overhead or see any boats for days on end. 

First there was a day of mechanical delay, then there was fog at Akhiok (on the south end) which delayed their departure for several hours yesterday.  

When I called the float plane service to see if the group had taken off for Chirikof, the person at the desk-Jo-offered to call me when she got word that they landed on Chrikof. I took her up on this, as it is such a long trip and with the prior mechanical delay, I was on a little higher alert about the air travel than normal. Her phone call of safe arrival was well received...I was able to imagine the crew setting up camp and headed right into their survey work.

Yesterday morning at the float plane dock.

 Later in the afternoon, friends came over for a 4th BBQ.

I planned it very last minute, waiting to see how the weather looked. In Patrick's absence, friends agreed to  help with the fire, so we lit the outdoor firepit.

The weather cooperated (barely!). There was just an occasional tiny sprinkle but no full on rain until late in the night. I was glad the rain held off, as the kids had so much fun lighting off fireworks, going for walk down the road, playing on bouy swing, hitting the birdie around with badminton racquets....and us girls dancing outside for a bit on the lawn later in the evening.

Spencer and Stuey lighting the fire

 There was a 13 year old boy in attendance, Fisher, who brought a small set of fireworks which was absolutely perfect. He was very cautious with the little kids and was strict about the kids standing back when he lit them off, etc.

Green smoke!!

 The kids enthusiasm about the small fireworks display was contagious and added a fun energy to the evening. Here in Alaska it gets dark so late that we have to do them in broad daylight! These pictures were at 6:15 or 7:00 pm. So much fun, none theless. The wild noises the tiny explosives make were half the fun and sent the kids screaming with excitement.

Fourth Fun on the back deck

Fisher lighting the kids sparklers

Stuey and his sparkler

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