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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Glass ball 'in situ' - the ultimate beachcombing find
Chirikof Island has some GREAT beachcombing.  The ultimate beach combing find is a Japanese glass ball float and we found 12 of those.  Here on the well-combed beaches of Kodiak you are lucky if you find one every few years.  Back in 2005 we found 120 on Chirikof.  However, in 2005 we went to to the island in April and the vegetation was down making it easier to find glass balls on the berms behind the beach.  Also it seems that lightly wind blown sand slowly covers the beach berm during the summer.  So if  you want to find glass balls the best time to look is in late Spring after the winter storms have re-exposed them on the beaches.

This year on Chirikof because of the stashed gear so far away from our camp at the North lake we had to make due without a lot of camp necessities.  But as Jack W put it, 'if you look for it - the beach will provide it'.  In this way we found a toothbrush for Sam and Catherine, I found a funnel for making coffee, buckets and we even made a spatula from a beach buoy.  Truly - the beach did provide.

I was a little surprised by the lack of modern beach debris.  I was expecting Japanese tsunami debris and we really did not see any that I could identify as such.  The beaches were actually quite clean.


Camping on the beach

My survey pack complete with 1/4' screen and glass balls

West side beach - very little in the way of modern beach debris

On survey near the south end of the island

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