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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Applesauce and shy lions

Stuey was a lion in his play but when the time came to go on stage he was too 'shy'
Tomorrow I am off on another archaeological project - this one to Chirikof Island - in the meantime I have been at home with Stuey and Nora.  Last Friday I went to Stuey's play at the Baptist Mission and Nora's potluck at Salmon Camp.  They were scheduled back-to-back.  Ah the joys of kid event scheduling - this is a first world problem - but sometimes it does seem that everything kid related has to be planned.  Whatever happened to old fashioned messing around in the woods?

Stuey was a lion in his play.  I barely caught him in his costume.  All the people watching made him very shy and he ended up watching the play from the audience.  I kept on waiting for him to make an appearance that never came.  Oh well.  Patrick

Nora singing the 'salmon song' at the Salmon Camp potluck

Nora making apple sauce

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