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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hiking with Stuey

Almost home

Yesterday I went on a long hike with Stuey and the dogs.  I think it was Tank's longest hike ever and I know it was Stuey's longest hike ever.  I think Stuey might have hiked 5 or 6 miles while Tank probably got in at least 10 to 12 back and forth and under bushes miles.  Roxy dog, Jake and I hung back and watched the new hikers go at it.

I was really impressed that Stuey did the whole hike and it made me realize that the day when he and Nora are skiing on Pyramid is not far off.   Stuey was super excited about the hike and chattered away for the first couple of miles.  I listened but watched the woods and the sun motes through the trees.  It was pretty idyllic.  Poor Roxy dog has gotten a bit old and she stuck close to Stuey and I while Tank and Jake ran all about through the trees.


Stuey at the start - binoculars at the ready

First hill and 'break'

This is old hat for the big dogs

Cool fort

Walking the cliffs on the way home

For big rocky beaches 100 yards seems like a mile


My Little Family: said...

I see a mini me in the making!

Molly said...

Great pictures of Stuey! I'm impressed that he even carried his own backpack.