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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Fun in Maine

Yesterday we drove from Boston to Maine and stopped off at Splashtown Water Park, Maine. Patrick fully advised against it, and afterwards I understood why.

The place was eerie. Stuck in the 80' had a borderline haunted feel and 80's music was piped through the sound system the entire time (I rather enjoyed that part). THe lifeguards were all from Russia and spoke broken english. I discovered this on several occasions when trying to converse with them about the fact that my child doesn't swim and was going to be coming down a chute into a deep pool. I decided that CPR is a pretty universal language and doesn't necessarily need a fluent english speaker!
By the end of our hour there, the kids were chattering in the 60+ degree weather and didn't mind when Leona and I suggested we had to the car. Thank god. I envisioned a power struggle to get them to leave!
When we got to Camden, Polly and John had us over for a wonderful dinner. It was so fun to see all the cousins play together...especially Stuey with all his boy cousins!
And Patrick and Polly cooked together...pesto pasta, ribs and broccoli!
After dinner we went to Polly and John's lake house to stay. We arrived right at sunset and the kids went to bed shortly after. We can hear the loons calling in the distance in the evenings. Very beautiful sound.

The quaint master bedroom.
Today Patrick took the kids on a long rowboat ride around the lake! The kids loved it!
Stuey did some serious playing with his older cousins. Stuey is in the yellow vest on the right.

 Having fun with family in Maine~


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