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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Back to Back Surveys

I just got back from a week long survey of the Karluk River and today I leave for another survey on Afognak.  I have not even had time to go through my pictures from the Karluk survey.  But I did have time to stitch this one together of some prehistoric fish weirs in the river (the rock 'vees').  Basically the vees would focus the fish to the top of the vee where someone could spear them.

On the Karluk survey our goal was to test all of the Late Prehistoric Sites on the river and lake and get charcoal for radiocarbon dating.  We hope to run all the dates and get an idea of how many of the villages were occupied at any one time - get an idea of the population of people living on the Karluk River.

Another goal was to find a Kasiq or community hall - hopefully associated with preserved fauna.  And we  accomplished this goal too - we even found sea urchin fragments and this at a site over 5 miles from the ocean.  I will have more to say about this in another post when I get back from Afognak.  Right now I got to run!  Patrick

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