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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patrick returning

Return from Dig
Patrick returns home from Afognak in an hour and I am in a mad frenzy to get things to a nice clean condition for him and the crew! The winds are picking up BIG TIME and they are boating in to beat a big storm tomorrow.

Its funny because when Patrick is gone, I slowly morph into him. Throughout the years, this occurs more and more.  For example, when Patrick is home, he is INSISTENT on he and the kids picking up the toys in the living room before he reads bedtime books to them.
Sometimes when the kids are super tired, I find it challenging to do that, as I just want them to get into bed. But I've noticed when Patrick is gone, I generally insist on us picking up the living room. There is something nice to coming out to a clean living room when the kids are all tucked in and in bed. Much better than looking at a big mess.

Nora Quote
Tonight in the car, the kids were bickering. I said, "Nora and Stuey, life is short. Why can't you guys just get along and enjoy eachother? Really?!"
Nora replied, "Ok mommy. We will." Pause. "How short is life?"
I smiled to myself and didn't know how to respond to that one. Sigh. The questions kids ask.

Ok, back to cleaning.


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