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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Afognak Moments

 The evenings were spent around a toasty wood fired stove. Stuey loved watching the fire. Ross, Ryan and Ann were incredibly patient with the kids. Bless their hearts.

 Our last day there, we watched Patrick dig a DEEP test pit. It took close to an hour for him to dig the hole. The findings were FASCINATING>>>Even I, as a non-archaeologist person was in awe. I'll explain more later. Suspenseful, eh?

 Nora likes using the slate rocks as a little writing board. She would play dot-to-dot games on her rock, as well as write out random letters to see if they formed a word. Hours of entertainment!

 On our hike. One of the dilapidated buildings of Old Afognak village.

 Stuey and Nora modeling the completed test pit.

 Stuey building houses with the firewood.

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