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Friday, May 02, 2014

Backyard Firepit Season

It has been a sunny week.  We've woken up to light frosts in the morning and then by evening it is 50 degrees.  These days it is still barely getting dark at night.  In a few weeks it will seem like it is light all the time.  As it is the kids are going to bed a little later and often, with the light sneaking in past the window blinds, have a difficult time getting to sleep.

Outside in the evening I've been working on the garden, and pulling dandelions out of the lawn while the kids bike in the driveway.  I got the potato beds all prepped and full of beach peat.  Next I'll prepare the soil in the vegetable beds, and over the weekend we'll start planting stuff. On the downside it also looks like it is time to start mowing the lawn.

Up on the mountain the downhill skiing is at its peak.  There is less snow than usual for this time of year, but up high it is just reaching its maximum depth.  And the conditions are spring corn - hero snow.

And then, of course, there are the backyard fire-pit feeds.  It's the beginning of summer on Kodiak.

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