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Monday, May 26, 2014

Buckin' the Salmon at Crab Fest

Here on a glorious Memorial Day Weekend, Kodiak kids spent time on bucking' salmon, bucking' bulls and other seriously fun, inflatable  times. 

Alas-for the first Crab Fest in god knows how long, there weren't carnival rides. The community first got wind of this news sometime last fall and we were all in shock wondering how it would affect attendance and the energy at our annual Crab Festival. As crab fest got underway, we didn't hear the shrill screams from the assortment of upside down/inside out mechanical rides and I wondered how Crab Fest would weather this loss. 

A "Tons of Fun" group in Anchorage saved the day with bringing over lots of blow up fun of all varieties. They truly saved the day in Kodiak. The bucking' bronco ride was a favorite of mine to watch; as Stuey mounted and attempted to do rodeo moves as he has seen-he didn't last long. Nora's approach involved holding on for dear life…hugging the bronco to death. It worked-as she stayed on the bronco for a wicked long time. I appreciated her tenacity. 

Kids of all ages were jumping, bucking', sliding, climbing away this weekend and the weather was a balmy 65+ degrees which really helped matters. I tried to picture the weekend with 40 mph winds and rain, and had a hard time imagining it being as much fun. If that had been the case, I would've titled this post "Slip Slidin' Away…".

Stuey vs. the salmon!

My little Russian Babushkas' (even though Babushka means grandmother in Russian! That can't be right…I always thought Babushkas meant kids. Thanks to the Baranof Museum for this fun booth at crab fest!)

Cowboy future?! Yikes!;)

Nora CLINGS onto the bull!
The kid "monster" truck rides. So fun for them! I see four wheeling in Stuey's future.  He was a natural. 


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