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Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Pictures From the Sturgeon River

Grass lands along the upper portion of the river

Matt, Paul and I had a spectacular trip and the Sturgeon River has some of Kodiak's prettiest country.  Here are some photo from the trip.  Patrick

Dawn after a hard frost - we had some frost every night of the trip

Alder and willow along the river and if you look closely you can Karluk Head in the far distance

Lower river scenic - spectacular weather for the trip with only one very brief sprinkle

We did all of our cooking on the woodstove (the stove is unusually hot in this picture) 

The water level was VERY low and we had to drag the boats a lot

Floating the canyon on the lower part of the river - I had to walked the bluff tops looking for old housepits

Matt and an awesomely big and pretty Willow Tree

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