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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Flat vs Vertical

Lately during my afternoon ski I have been trying to capture just how glorious it is to be up on the snow in the sunshine.  Down at the parking lot before I head up the mountain all the plants are sprouting and budding out, the snipe whooping, and fox sparrows singing.  And even up on the snow the birds are quite active.  Yesterday I'm pretty sure I saw a gyrfalcon cruising for nesting ptarmigan.  

I have discovered that it is difficult to create panoramics because it is so difficult to see the camera screen in the bright sunlight and align the pictures correctly. It is also very difficult to keep the horizon straight.  I have found that it helps a lot if you try and keep the horizon in the middle of the picture - too low or too high and the horizon bends dramatically at the ends.  Sad to say, but most of attempts have not stitched together very well.

Here are 2 tries at the same view from Sunday afternoon.  It's kind of cool how the vertical pan stitch looks complete different from the more traditional, horizontally aligned pan.  Patrick

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