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Friday, May 16, 2014

Fog=No High School Reunion Trip

Stuck. In. Kodiak. :)

This weekend Zoya and I were supposed to fly out East to attend my 30th High School reunion.  But we got fogged out in Kodiak.  It was kind of amazing how foggy it was out at the airport and yet so sunny at our house.  Normally when a flight is cancelled the weather is bad and you sort of expect it.  This cancellation caught us by surprise.

So I don't get to see my old classmates for the first time in 30 years and Zoya doesn't get to rock out to Boy George and other 80's rockers.  Oh well.  Now we get an unexpected stay-cation.  The weather is great, and we are on vacation.  Kodiak is not a bad place to be stuck.  I am far happier to be fogged in rather than fogged out!


Driving home in the fog - our plane has been cancelled

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