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Friday, May 09, 2014

"Is my feet on the right feet?"

Some recent kid quotes from the past several months. I write them down on the calendar as they happen and have been meaning to transfer them here for some time.

"Mom, do bad guys have kids?" -Stuey

"Is that milk dirty?" -Stuey    as I pour him milk from the carton. (What he meant to ask was it old or expired.)

"Is my feet on the right feet?" -Stuey as he puts his shoes on the wrong feet. 

"You have to help me. Its in your contract for being a mom" -Nora

"This apple tastes like Maine" -Nora when eating a green apple. 

"If you have a bigger mind, you can imagine bigger things, right?" -Stuey

"Can I have an appetizer?" -Stuey as he sits on the couch Friday night waiting for dinner. Patrick and I couldn't believe he asked this! 


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