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Sunday, May 25, 2014


For months Stuey has been saying, "I'm hungry!".  All the time. This led to moments of mild annoyance from Patrick and I, as it seemed we couldn't get enough food in him.  Just as we are cleaning up, or eating ourselves he says he is hungry once again.  He has recently learned to say, "Can I have an appetizer"  which he has found gets more sympathetic, productive results from me.

A few weeks ago Nora asked if I would measure her growth on the wall in the closet where we track her growth, even though we just measured them 2 months ago.

Somewhat reluctantly, I measured them, re-measured Nora and Stuey  and was so flabbergasted. Since March they had both grown considerably-over an inch. I was humbled. Here they've been sprouting up right before my very eyes but I didn't know. Stuey's growth spurt seemed to coincide with a period where he was particularly challenging...and in retrospect I wonder if he was tired and could almost feel this growth. Friends the past month have been commenting on how much the kids have grown and now I know why!

The other night I did a book shelf clear out where I cleared out big chunks of picture books to make way for chapter books.A big basket of unread picture books sits ready for the thrift store.Titles such as "Are you my Mother" and the Berenstain Bear books which I've loved since childhood stay. And they will probably always stay. At least for a long while.   Nora was in agreement.


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